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Jul 29, 2022 Latest news | Latest updates

Faster smart meter roll out will unlock gigawatts of consumer generation

Rooftop solar is providing Australia with one of the very best engines in the race to Net Zero, but without more smart meters we lack the controls to guide it  Read more

Apr 12, 2022 Latest news | Latest updates

Brookfield welcomed as new strategic joint partner of the Intellihub Group

Intellihub Group CEO Wes Ballantine has welcomed Brookfield to the company’s smart metering and data intelligence operation.  Read more

Nov 10, 2021 Latest news | Latest updates

Intellihub secures world first certification under International Climate Bonds Standard

The rapid rollout of Intellihub’s smart meters across Australia and New Zealand will be funded by a new Green Loan that will be the first of its kind  Read more