Monitoring and understanding is one of our specialties

Data is the key to understanding our cities future needs. The Intellihub Research and Development team invests in exploring innovative solutions to provide the technology and data insights that underpin smart city enablement. Our services include street light monitoring and other smart devices paired with our metrology expertise.

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Check Meters

Check meters are a versatile, cost-effective monitoring option, providing visibility of key infrastructure and valuable information on performance and usage. Manage multi-tenanted spaces effectively and control granular connection points with the assurance of accurate data through our check meter service.

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Site Investigations

We provide timely onsite resolution of meter issues via a thorough investigation process, including evidence reporting and imagery diagnostics.  From consumption fluctuations to fault queries, our accredited technicians take pride in first-time job resolution and prevention strategies to put your consumer concerns at ease.

Site investigations with a revenue assurance focus ensure the physical confirmation and reporting of the issue, whilst addressing potential health and safety concerns and stemming future revenue losses.  Our site investigation services include:

  • Revenue assurance queries
  • Cross-metering
  • Meter faults including stopped meters, no-power and no-hot-water issues
  • Consumption queries including in-situ accuracy testing
  • Identification of photovoltaic loads

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New Meter Connections

We pride ourselves on our ability to plan and execute small to large scale deployments, catering to the increased demand for new builds. We install fully certified smart metering for all new electricity connections, with a number of options to suit your needs.

Metrix offers a variety of AMI communication networks including RF mesh and GPRS, enabling the deployment of meters in areas where GPRS coverage is limited.  Communication options mean we can maximise our smart meter capabilities, reducing your costs for services such as manual meter reading.

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Onsite Accuracy Testing and Recertification

Metrix understands that accuracy is paramount, and our ISO accreditation helps demonstrate the emphasis we place on our quality standards. Our highly-skilled technicians and contractors install, test, and recertify our asset installations.  We appreciate that energy retailers are often saturated in queries relating to consumption; we help alleviate your customer’s concerns by providing in-situ accuracy testing whenever requested.

Key services we provide are as follows:

  • Site Investigations
  • Meter Installations
  • Remote electricity reconnections and disconnections
  • Onsite electricity reconnections and disconnections

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