COVID-19 Level 3 Lockdown Service Plan

Intellihub New Zealand

Effective from Tuesday – 28 April 2020.

We confirm that all Smart meter deployment, new connections and field service activities will resume following the Government’s recent announcement that New Zealand will move to a mandated COVID-19 Level 3 lockdown period. 

All activities will be completed following safe working practices which now also include:

•             the implementation of a new contact tracing process

•             following robust new Health and Safety protocols

•             the introduction of Contact-less processes to help mitigate any potential exposure

We’ll be in touch with you over the coming days regarding those of your Service Requests previously put “on-hold” during Level 4 to determine if you wish for these requests to still proceed or not.

The delivery of data files to you continues to occur as it has during the Level 4 lockdown.

Where possible most of our people will continue to work from their homes delivering the services requested and data files required by you as per the standard timeframes applying.

Electricity is an essential service and our role is important in ensuring you can service your customers.  

We’ll contact you should anything change – in the meanwhile please get hold of us if you have any questions.

We thank you for your patience and co-operation during this challenging time.