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Former Spark CEO joins Intellihub Board

Feb 3 2020

Former Spark CEO Simon Moutter has joined the New Zealand Board of metering intelligence specialists Intellihub as Executive Chairman.  Simon has also been appointed to the Board of the Group holding company as a Non-Executive Director.

In a letter to customers, Intellihub CEO Adrian Clark said Moutter’s blend of industry knowledge and leadership experience made him ideally suited to help guide Intellihub’s growth and development in New Zealand.

“Simon’s career path from electrical engineer to energy company chief executive to his role in transforming Spark from a telco to a digital services company, is an almost perfect metaphor for the journey Intellihub is on as we continue to develop new technologies and smarter ways of doing business,” said Clark.

Moutter said he was pleased to again be working in an industry that was central to New Zealand realising its economic and environmental goals.

“If we are to decarbonise our economy while keeping the lights on and the wheels of commerce turning, we need to make some significant changes in the way we generate, distribute and consume energy. The advanced metering and data management solutions that Intellihub provide will help both consumers and energy providers create a greener and more efficient energy system for the future.”