At the heart of what we do


Smart Gas Metering

Smart gas meters provide digital data of energy consumption and time-of-use in near real-time, using wireless technology to enable remote location monitoring and automatic billing. Gas leakage and shock detection is included, which can greatly increase safety by remotely cutting off gas flow when appropriate.


Power Quality Monitoring

All our metering platforms collect data on power quality. This information can be provided to make sure that the end consumer has a safe and reliable power supply. Improvements to the quality of energy supplied can be identified through our helpful interactive tools.


Smart Water Metering

Smart water metering helps water utilities monitor, analyse and manage water usage, whilst also helping consumers to understand their water use and curb water waste. Regular consumption tracking can be used to develop time-of-use tariffs or incentives for high water usage customers.


Smart City Sensors

Motion detection, traffic monitoring, air quality and sound metering are examples of the types of sensors in the market today. Utilising these sensors within a network can improve public safety, emergency response time, event control and many other community initiatives.


EV Charging

Intellihub can provide alternative metering sources for Electric Vehicles, including on a separate connection point if needed. We are testing communication protocols and performance of various electric vehicle charging units.


Streetlight Automation

Upgrading to modern, digitally controlled LEDs allows for smarter energy management by controlling light levels and monitoring their performance. City councils can reduce operational costs and extend asset lifecycles. Streetlight modules can also facilitate connectivity across a city, benefiting many other smart city initiatives.


Demand Management

Leverage new technology to manage peak demand, including smart hot water heating and in-home energy storage.  Data collected from meters using sensors will facilitate more innovative services to enable the electricity industry to develop market incentives and reduce peak impacts on networks.


Asset Monitoring

Sensors in IoT platforms enable affordable asset management and increased visibility and control over low to medium voltage networks on the grid edge. Transformer monitoring, line sensors, switchgear monitors and other technologies can optimise decision making and prevent faults before they occur.


intelliHUB R&D

We explore new product solutions and commercialise to create value. Our research programme extends across smart infrastructure to promising future innovations. We conduct due diligence on new technologies, testing in partnership with vendors. intelliHUB maintains a leading edge, robust and high-performance technology suite.