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Intellihub key supplier of smart meter services to Telstra Energy customers

Feb 7 2022

Intellihub’s strong growth is continuing into 2022, with the news that we are now a key supplier of smart metering services for Telstra Energy customers.

Australia’s number one telco recently secured energy licenses in all the markets its applied for and is continuing work on getting ready for the much anticipated launch of Telstra Energy.

For Telstra Energy, Intellihub was a natural choice of partner given the natural overlap between the two business and our ‘proven capability’.

Under the new agreement Intellihub will provide new advanced metering and data insights to Telstra Energy. 

The new high speed Intelli-M smart meter and Intelli-ConX communications bridge will be deployed under the contract, capable of providing sub second, high speed measurements and enhanced connectivity for additional solar control and VPP style services.

Australian homes and businesses are continuing to install roof top solar at startling speed, and batteries, EVs and other small scale Distributed Energy Resource systems are soon tipped to follow.

This innovation is driving new products and services from retailers like Telstra Energy, requiring fast, secure and reliable smart metering solutions.

New 10 year IoT agreement the largest in Telstra history

We have a large and growing pipeline of new smart meter deployments over the next decade, and this requires the processing of large volumes of near real time smart metering data.

To achieve this requires a scalable IoT-enabled solution. It can enhance service levels and add value by unlocking meter data insights.

The good news for our retail customers in Australia is that we’ve just signed a ten year agreement with Telstra – the largest IoT deal in Telstra’s history.

It will double the number of IoT devices running on the Telstra network.

The deal can accommodate around 4 million connected devices and was constructed using a simple and scalable structure that allows for additional value added services as Telstra and Intellihub continue to grow together.

It’s no secret that energy systems across the world are rapidly transitioning to provide for increasing levels of renewable energy flowing in multiple directions between customers and the grid electricity.

Much of this activity is happening behind the meter in customer premises with rooftop solar, batteries, electric vehicles and other demand response technologies.

Soon, much of this distributed energy will be orchestrated via cloud-based Virtual Power Plant software.

For grid operators, access to energy data is crucial for greater visibility of network performance and helping to maintain a safe and reliable service to their customers.

The smart meter sits between all these services and the electricity grid – transporting energy data so it can be processed, analysed and managed by electricity retailers and networks for the benefit of their customers.

So, this long term agreement with Telstra provides Intellihub and its customers with a secure, cost effective and scalable data solution. Its good news all round.

Sustainable partnerships

The agreement comes hot on the heels of Intellihub securing a new Green Loan – the first in the world to meet the Climate Bonds Initiative’s (CBI) strict criteria for Electrical Grids and Storage.

The Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme is an easy-to-use screening tool that provides a clear signal to investors and intermediaries on the climate integrity of certified climate bonds and loans.

It will help fund our growing deployment of smart meters to homes and businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

For us, partnering with an organisation like Telstra with strong renewable energy commitments and sustainable development targets, sits nicely with our own focus on climate and sustainability. Together we hope to provide a better service to our retail customers and help the transition to a cleaner economy and energy and transport sectors.