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New CEO at smart utility infrastructure provider Intellihub Group

Jul 13 2021

Australia and New Zealand’s leading smart utility infrastructure provider, the Intellihub Group, has today announced Wes Ballantine as its new CEO.

Intellihub’s smart metering business has experienced rapid growth with more than one million meters now under management and a strong committed deployment pipeline. In addition, Intellihub is piloting gas and water products, investing in battery technology and deepening its ability to provide customers valuable data insights.

To support this growth and continue to drive innovation and new technology solutions, Intellihub will separate its technology development arm from its metering and data services operations.

Intellihub’s current CEO, Adrian Clark will move over to this newly created technology business, CrescoNet, as its founding CEO.

Mr Ballantine has served as Group CFO for seven months and previously led a number of businesses in the Transurban Group.

“I am delighted to step up as the Intellihub Group CEO,” Mr Ballantine said.

“As Australia and New Zealand’s leading smart utility infrastructure provider, Intellihub is at the forefront of the new energy future.

“Having been with the business since December, I know first-hand of the talented and dedicated team challenging each other to provide innovative and efficient solutions for our customers.

“Our journey will remain constant: to provide a safe working environment for our people and customers, to be a partner of choice in the smart utility infrastructure space and to challenge ourselves to be at the forefront of the new energy future.

“Through Adrian’s leadership, a wonderful foundation has been set. It is now inherent upon us to continue to deliver the high standards our customers expect of us. Best of all, Adrian’s expertise will not be lost to the Group. Through the creation of CrescoNet, his enthusiasm and innovative spirit will continue to drive solutions for our customers.”

Mr Clark said Intellihub’s new technology business would continue to focus on products that unlock more value from the meter and provide better service to the customer.

“Smart meters are a secure, mature and reliable technology, but they are capable of providing so much more value to the customer,” Mr Clark said.

“Our technology team will be focused on developing new products and platforms that work with the smart meter to provider an even better experience for customers.

“Our role is to create products that support the transition underway for electricity, gas and water utilities making the critical step to digitize their services and in turn make sure homes and businesses can participate and extract more benefits.”

Intellihub Chairman, Mr Cameron Blanks congratulated Mr Ballantine and Mr Clark on their new roles on behalf of the Board.

“We have seen over the last six months the strong relationship and shared vision for the Group that they have developed,” Mr Blanks said.

“Today’s announcement will allow both elements of the Group to execute their complementary strategies and reach full potential.

“It is an exciting time for Intellihub and under Wes and Adrian’s leadership we are confident Intellihub will be a key participant in the new energy future.”

Competition was introduced to the metering sector in late 2017, following the implementation of the Power of Choice Reforms from state and federal governments.

It has delivered better and more efficient service, less cost and cheaper prices, increased innovation and new technology. More than 1,000 skilled jobs have been created since the change.

The Australian Energy Market Commission is currently conducting a review into the regulatory framework surrounding metering to look at ways to increase the uptake of smart meters and extend more benefits to customers.

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