Intellihub New Zealand

Intellihub is one of New Zealand’s largest and most experienced smart meter and energy data providers.

We install and maintain smart meters to household and business customers on behalf of electricity retailers, with a focus on value for money, faster and more accurate meter data reading, and customer tools that reduce enquires and improve customer experience.

Our expertise is in all aspects of advanced electricity, gas and water metering services, including residential, embedded, solar and Commercial and Industrial customers.

We always put safety first. This includes the safety of customers, our employees, contractors and the public.

This includes a commitment to industry best practice, a positive safety culture and developing safety systems and reporting to support high levels of safety performance.

We are also constantly improving our data delivery capability to provide more value to our customers through data driven solutions. This includes the delivery of near real time interval data, non-intrusive load management and dynamic load control.

Talk to our team today on how we can work together to provide a cost effective, more reliable and customer focused metering solution.

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Meter installations

Meter communications upgrade

We’re upgrading communication modems in our smart meters across New Zealand following the shutdown of the 2G and 3G cellular networks.

The technology upgrade will ensure the meters continue to provide reliable and accurate energy data to electricity retailers.

One of our fully accredited meter technicians will be visiting properties to complete the upgrade, with the work expected to take about 30 minutes to complete.

Your power supply will not be interrupted during this work.

Meter replacement  

In a small number of cases, we may need to replace your electricity meter, rather than replace your communications modem.

Your power will be interrupted for a small amount of time while this work takes place.

We will write to customers prior to the upgrade or replacement work. You can contact us via the phone number or email address in the letter to arrange an alternative time for the work to take place.

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