2G/3G Meter replacement (NZ) FAQ

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Why are you replacing my meter?

Your meter requires to be upgraded so you can continue to receive your meter consumption details from your Energy Retailer.

When will you be visiting my property?

You will receive notification from your Energy Retailer by post or email advising when we will visit your property to perform this work.

What will the work involve?

The meter replacement will be carried out by one of our licensed metering technicians. During the upgrade, the electricity to your property will be turned off. The technician will remove the current meter and replace it with a new one. Prior to leaving your property, the technician will reconnect your power, test and certifiy the installation; and ensure the meter is operating correctly.

How will I be impacted during the replacement process?

In most cases the meter replacement will take about one hour, and you will be without electricity for about 30 minutes. If this is going to cause any inconvenience to you, please contact us on the phone number provided by your Energy Retailer to make an appointment.

Do I have to be home for the replacement to occur?

No, as long as we can access your meter, the replacement will occur. If your meter is located inside your property, please contact us on the phone number provided by your Energy Retailer to make an appointment.

If you are not at the property, a calling card will be left in your mailbox advising you if the upgrade was successful or to let you know the reason why we could not complete the installation.

Does my landlord or body corporate need to give permission for you to replace my meter?

No, the meter is owned by Intellihub and we will only be working on the metering installation.

How much will I be charged for the meter replacement?

 There is no cost to you for the meter to be replaced.

What will happen if my meter is not replaced?

If your meter is unable to be replaced, the technician will let you know before they leave if you are at home or leave a calling card advising you of the reason.

Your Energy Retailer will contact you to discuss this in more detail.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my meter installation?

Your Energy Retailer is your first point of contact with any queries regarding your meter replacement.

How will I recognise an Intellihub technician?

The technician will carry official identification with them when performing metering services for Intellihub.

More information about Smart Meters can be found on the Electricity Authority website – https://www.ea.govt.nz/consumers/what-are-electricity-meters/

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