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The Intellihub Group is an Australian and New Zealand based utility services company that delivers innovative metering, data and behind the meter solutions that maximise digital and new energy services. We are an experienced and leading provider of multi-utility services across electricity and water networks for residential, commercial & industrial, embedded network and solar metering customers. We specialise in asset management, installation, financing, and the day-to-day operations of smart meters, managing more than 2.S million advanced smart meters, with a significant committed deployment pipeline.

The Intellihub Group includes technology provided by leading energy technology company GreenSync, the world’s first digital pool monitoring business Pooled and New Zealand based metering and data provider Influx. We are also deploying electric vehicle chargers and residential batteries in New South Wales and Victoria. 

We are the only independent smart metering provider across ANZ, supplying smart meters to more than 50 energy retailers.

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Electric Vehicle Charging
EV street side charging project

EV Streetside Charging Project

Intellihub is leading an electric vehicle charging project with support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, the energy and technology industry and local councils to test better ways for EV owners to access public charging infrastructure.

Local street side power poles will be turned into electric vehicle charging stations under the Australian first trial that is being rolled out across the Sydney and Hunter regions of NSW.

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New Zealand

New Zealand meter upgrade

We’re upgrading communication modems in our smart meters across New Zealand to ensure they continue to provide reliable and accurate meter data to electricity retailers.

The upgrade will ensure our smart meters can communicate on the 4G and 5G networks.

In a small number of cases, we may also need to replace your electricity meter, rather than replace your modem.

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Nov 22, 2023 Latest news

Intellihub – Simplify your energy transition

Welcome to the refreshed Intellihub brand, with a new customer focus to simplify your energy transition.  Read more

Nov 7, 2023 Latest news

Intellihub EV streetside charger roll-out accelerates across Sydney and Hunter regions

Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen today officially powered up Intellihub’s first Streetside EV charger to hit the streets in the busy inner Sydney suburb of Wolli Creek.  Read more

Jul 4, 2023 Latest news | Media Releases

Intellihub acquires Influx – innovative New Zealand metering and data solutions business

Leading Australian and New Zealand smart metering and energy data services business Intellihub has today announced the acquisition of New Zealand metering solutions provider Influx Energy Data Ltd.  Read more