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Submission: Enabling an Emergency Backstop Mechanism in Queensland

Intellihub and its partners are proposing a proven cloud based and software driven solution for an Emergency Backstop Mechanism in Queensland.  Read more

Respone to NZ Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority Green Paper: Improving the performance of Electric Vehicle Charging

The remote identification, connection and verification of smart electric vehicle chargers is crucial to their better management and control.  Read more

Aug 30, 2022 Latest news

Intellihub EV Streetside Charging Project

Local street side power poles will be turned into electric vehicle (EV) charging stations under an Australian first trial being rolled out across the Sydney and Hunter regions of NSW.  Read more

Jul 29, 2022 Latest news | Latest updates

Faster smart meter roll out will unlock gigawatts of consumer generation

Rooftop solar is providing Australia with one of the very best engines in the race to Net Zero, but without more smart meters we lack the controls to guide it  Read more

May 19, 2022 Latest news

Tech Tracker improving service and meter installation rates

People can now track when their electrician will arrive to install their new electricity meter via their smart phone, and then log how happy they are with the work.  Read more

Apr 26, 2022 Latest news | Media Releases

Intellihub acquires leading energy tech company GreenSync

Australian and New Zealand smart metering and energy data business the Intellihub Group has today announced that it had acquired leading energy technology company GreenSync.  Read more