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Lindsay Cowley appointed as Intellihub New Zealand CEO

Respected energy and digital solutions leader Lindsay Cowley has joined the team at metering and data intelligence provider Intellihub, heading up its New Zealand operations. Mr Cowley brings a wealth of experience […]  Read more

Submission to AEMC Review of the Regulatory Framework for Metering Services

Competition in the metering sector has delivered better and more efficient service, less cost and cheaper prices…  Read more

Metering Services Fact Sheet

An outline and timeline of metering services in Australia  Read more

Submission to Consultation on Amendment of the Market Ancillary Services Specification

By the end of this year, every new Intellihub smart meter installed, including at residential sites, will be capable of providing measurement facilities for FCAS fast raise and lower services by default.  Read more

Smart Meter Benefits

An outline of smart meter benefits.  Read more

Jan 30, 2021 Latest news

Million-meter milestone driven by surging solar and behind the meter services

The million-meter milestone has just been cracked at Australian and NZ metering and data intelligence specialist Intellihub, as solar installations continue to drive new advanced metering solutions across electricity markets. The smart […]  Read more